RESTwithEU launches an Open Call for restaurants SMEs, start-ups and solution providers to address digitalisation challenges


Today’s restaurants face numerous challenges related to digitalisation. Internet presence has become a key aspect in attracting new customers as well as facilitating online bookings to increase the restaurant’s popularity and gain efficiency.

Therefore, after uncovering the challenges facing the restaurant sector in Europe, RESTwithEU proposes an Open Call to offer innovative solutions to the restaurant industry. This initiative will allow attracting possible best practices from the whole European Union to achieve results and generate impact through the digitisation of the sector.  

The current technological innovations must be directed towards developing new business models, maximising employee potential or mitigating food waste. These are just some of the challenges facing the restaurant sector in Europe.

The aim of the Open Call is, therefore, to attract possible best practices in order to subsequently implement them in less digitalized restaurants thus serving as a role model.

The restaurant industry needs solutions providers more than ever because in an era of accelerated digitalisation, restaurants should make use of technology to optimise their effectiveness. For example, improving their online presence makes them more attractive to their customers, as well as making use of digital tools to improve their performance.  

Due to the accelerated digital transformation we are currently undergoing, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, there have been changes in leisure and travel behavior as well as new ways of working have developed.

All this, with towards digitalisation and sustainability, especially in Europe. Therefore, the RESTwithEU Pilot Project is committed to promoting and applying existing digital tools and best practices in less digitised restaurants.  

New ways of behaving challenge restaurants to go digital 

RESTwithEU aims to solve the challenges the restaurant industry is facing and seek innovative solutions aimed at developing new business models, digital tools and intelligent machinery to reduce time spent. In addition, it is necessary to improve the online presence of businesses, maximise the potential of employees to provide excellent customer service or mitigate food waste with better control and optimisation of stocks, among other challenges. 

It can be seen that, in today’s digital age, the development of technology is essential in this sector and having an effective online presence has become essential for restaurants to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Thus, this European Pilot Project needs your help as an expert in the sector and to disseminate best practices for a more digital, sustainable and resilient restaurant sector. 

Who can participate in the Open Call? 

RESTwithEU therefore encourages all innovative restaurants, start-ups and solution providers to participate in this Open Call providing ideas on the solutions to be implemented during the piloting phase. 

Start-ups and SMEs from all over Europe are the ones whose innovative ideas can bring about a positive change in the European restaurant sector, offering themselves as a role model for those business models that have lagged behind.  

The practices will take into account the optimization of the use of existing resources and infrastructure, development of competitive advantages for business in the short-medium term or scalability potential of the technology within the business, among others. 

Best solutions will receive financial aid 

The call for best practices will not only receive financial support to selected solutions, but also reap many more benefits in terms of being recognised at the European level.  

The benefits are as follows: 

  • Possibility to work with European businesses from the restaurant industry through activation tests and pilots 
  • Be part of a European network related to the industry 
  • Economic prizes are awarded to the best solutions proposed to activate pilots in the restaurant industry 
  • Visibility of best practice across the European Union 
  • Possibility to spread the implementation of the solution, with associated potential revenues 


Do you want to improve the restaurant sector in Europe? 

If you are an innovative restaurant or a start-up focused on providing digital solutions, keep an eye on RESTwithEU Open Call and don’t miss this opportunity! 

RESTwithEU is waiting for you. Participate now