Open Call

European Parliament Pilot Project

RESTwithEU launches its Open Call programme, where restaurants, startups and solutions providers from all Europe come together to solve the restaurant sector challenges.

From 21 February until 31 March 2023

We are looking for you

Are you a Restaurant?

For small and medium restaurants, coffee shops, pub, etc., that are facing one or more of the challenges presented above and are interested in implementing new digital tools helps them. They are required to have a level of dedication and commitment, both in time and team, and should be open to change existing operations and processes and implementing new technologies or tools.

Are you a Startup or a Solution Provider?

For companies that are legally created, with at least a working MVP and a solid working team able to demonstrate that their solution works and respond to the challenges, willing to commit time to implement and enhance their solutions to adapt to the challenges and the restaurant needs.

More than 10 pilots to solve sector challenges
Up to 12.000€ reward in a pilot process
Open to 27 European countries sharing best practices

Uncovering the Challenges Faced by the Restaurant Industry

Digital presence: connecting with dinners (customers)

Making easier to find and engage with restaurants by an effective online presence to attract new customers and keeping existing ones.

Facilitating booking: Easy reservation management

Upgrading the booking system experience to understand customer preferences and patterns, and increase efficiency and marketing efforts.

Intelligent warehouses: towards optimized food and stock tracking

Finding a solution to reduce waste or spoiled food, donate excess food and encourage customers practices like taking leftovers.

Improving table service: faster and better processes

Enhancing the dining experience for increasing customer satisfaction using technological solutions.

Business insights: gathering and using data (Data and market intelligence)

Learning about the business for a better understanding with customers, operations, and the market to make effectively decisions responding to changes and challenges.

Traceability and cleaning: Keeping food safe

Implementing tools that helps in traceability systems or cleaning protocols and processes.

Digital restaurant tools: Implementing technological infrastructure

Improving the restaurant technological cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Delivery, takeaway and others: New business models and revenue channels

Providing new delivery and takeaway options creating new revenue channels according to the demand.

Maximizing Employee Potential: Managing and Motivating Restaurant Employees

Enhancing Employee Experience to provide excellent customer service by managing the schedules efficiently, improving training and reducing overtime and overstaffing.

Mitigating Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry: A new Approach to Sustainability and Cost Savings

Reducing cost and inefficiencies by stock monitoring, partnering with food banks or startups and creating more efficient preparation processes.

Programme Milestones

Open Call 21 February 2023

Starting at 00:00h (CET), registration is open for restaurants and solutions providers that wants to join the project and take part to solve the proposed challenges.

Call Closure 31 March 2023

The registration period for both restaurants and solutions providers closes at 17:59h (CET) on 31 March 2023.

Selection day 14 April 2023

We will contact the winners of both itineraries, explaining the next steps of the project. You will be notified if you have met the requirements to advance to the next phase.

Public results 27 April 2023

To enhance our transparency according to the process, the selected restaurants and solutions providers will be published at and our newsletter.

Pilots Program 17 April – 30 June *

Addressing the top ten pilots of the Open Call challenges for restaurants and the possible solutions proposed by startups or solution providers.

* Depending on the deployment of the pilots, their development may end up later.

Participate now

You will join a collaborative project in Europe which institutions, organisations, leading companies, and experts to co-create a Digital Pathway Tool to make the restaurant sector more resilient and sustainable by 2030 through accelerated digitalisation of the restaurant sector.

Check out the participation terms and conditions


How can I participate?

Complete the survey by selecting if you want to participate as Restaurant or Solution Provider. Entities must take part in the programme in accordance with the rules and instructions provided for this purpose by the programme leaders, and they must participate in the activities organized within the framework of the programme.

Who can participate?

Restaurants and solution providers must be registered as a company in one of the 27 European Union countries and being to work in English fluently during the project, allocating resources, time and team, to the next phase: the pilot to solve the challenge.

What is the financial aid?

There are 3 types of financial aid:

SMALL: voucher for max. 6.000€ per pilot (shared between startup, restaurant, and EDIH) to support the implementation requirements.

MEDIUM: voucher for max. 8.000€ per pilot (shared between startup, restaurant, and EDIH) to support modifications processes.

LARGE: voucher for max. 12.000€ per pilot (shared between startup, restaurant, and EDIH) to support change or incorporations of processes.

In addition, it may be established that part of the money will be used not only for the aforementioned but to improve the results, it may be used in services such as:

  • Mentor and consultant support on digitalization.
  • Training for employees in tools or services implemented to be tested.

Who will be responsible for selecting the projects?

The RESTwithEU team will select the project that will be participating in the Pilot.

Any questions?

Please, contact us at [email protected].

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