Hybrid Hackathon

RESTwithEU European Parliament Pilot Project

RESTwithEU launches a Hybrid Hackathon creating a unique European experience for like-minded restaurants, developers, designers, and business professionals to co-create new digital paths in the restaurant sector.

17 — 18 June 2023

The first RESTwithEU Hackathon took place in the third week of June in Madrid. A weekend experience, where tech enthusiasts, restaurant experts, designers, and stakeholders from all over Europe came together to develop new ideas and solutions to build the future of the restaurant sector.

17 – 18 June 2023
Madrid + Online
14.000€ in prizes
150 seats
Financial Aid for participants

If you are into the restaurant sector or want to make a change, RESTwithEU reunited a full weekend of inspiring hospitality activities in Madrid with the best minds, creating a truly remarkable physical and online experience.

The Hackathon challenges

RESTwithEU Hackathon’s goal is to find innovative solutions for the restaurant sector to create more resilient, efficient, and sustainable business practices. Attendants are invited to offer a fresh perspective on the topic and develop new approaches through the lens of digitalization and technology. The participants had to solve in teams the following restaurant industry challenges:

  1. Streamlining operations
  2. Enhancing the customer experience
  3. Ensuring food safety and quality
  4. Managing online presence and reputation
  5. Creating solutions

Chefs wanted!

The call was open to digi-chefs to help us cook the future of the restaurant sector:

  • Students
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Business professionals
  • Restaurant sector professionals

14.000€ in prizes

We awarded the three best hackathon teams chosen by the jury with a third prize of 1.500 €, a second prize of 2.500 €, a first prize of 4.000 €, and a special prize of 6.000 € to fund the further development of their ideas!

The live experience in Madrid

The participants spent the weekend in Madrid, Europe’s sunniest capital city, with expenses covered*, in a 4-star hotel and all meals included, ready to discover its blue sky and sunlight and be pleased by the vibrant city life.

  • Enjoy the experience with a weekend full of activities:
  • Attend to workshops from industry experts
  • Connect with community members from all Europe
  • Have a break with yoga sessions, mindfulness and much more
  • Discover Madrid with a city tour and its gastronomy with a Kitchen club

The online experience

You could also participate from anywhere in Europe, right where you are, solving the Hackathon challenges with online teams, with the same resources as the live attendants.


Waste Busters

Awarded with a Special Prize of
6.000 €
  • Challenge New Solutions in Food Waste and Sustainability Prototype
  • Problem to solve Food waste caused during the step of reception and further processing of ingredients due to an inefficient usage.
  • Value proposition AI optimized stock monitoring and menu planning, to help SME restaurants keep track of their stock and optimize ingredient usage.


Awarded with a First Prize of
4.000 €
  • Challenge Enhancing the customer experience prototype
  • Problem to solve Local restaurants slow to adapt to market changes.
  • Value proposition A customer centric PoS system that makes it easy to tailor meals to each customer’s preference.


Awarded with a Second Prize of
1.500 €
  • Challenge Enhancing the customer experience prototype
  • Problem to solve Restaurants SME’s need to improve service customization because it highly impacts the overall customer experience.
  • Value proposition Create a responsive web-app that captures data through gamification to generate a curated menu, generating insights and improving the dining customer journey.

Gastro Freaks

Awarded with a Third Prize of
1.500 €
  • Challenge Streaming operations prototype
  • Problem to solve Independent restaurants fall to effectively understand and use their data, resulting in lower sales and lower profits.
  • Value proposition Create a software to analyze and collect data and present it as actionable information.

Hackathon Milestones

Applications open 8 May 2023
Applications close 31 May 2023
Hack time! 17 – 18 June 2023


The participants spent the weekend in Madrid in La Nave, Madrid City Council’s most important innovation centre. A physical space for all kinds of activities and events whenever innovation, entrepreneurship or new technologies are the main characteristics.

Address: Calle Cifuentes, 5, 20021, Madrid


Who can participate?

The open call is now closed. Anyone from anywhere in Europe could participate. However, participants that break the rules or don’t follow the Code of Conduct may be expelled from the Hackathon.

How much does it cost to attend?

It’s free. If you choose the live experience, we will cover accommodation and meal expenses during the weekend.

How many people can be on a team?

Around 8 people.

How can I make sure if my project is eligible for the hackathon prizes?

Projects must be built at the RESTwithEU Hackathon, that means that all the projects that were built before the hackathon and projects that were submitted to past hackathons are not eligible to receive a prize

Is it mandatory to have previous experience in Hackathons?

You don’t have to worry. We are looking for several profiles with different levels of experience, from students to senior expertise. Projects need designers, developers, project managers, restaurant workers, and more. We will also have talks, workshops, and mentors to help you with your project.

Where will this event take place?

In Madrid, in La Nave, and online.

What equipment do I need to participate in the Hackathon?

Prepare your devices: bring your laptop, mobile phone, and everything you might think will be useful to solve the challenges!

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