Facing the Restaurant Industry Challenges Workshop is coming up!


RESTwithEU Stakeholders Workshop will take place on January 19, 2023 in Lyon. The event will allow the stakeholders to evaluate the first part of the project related to the challenges and opportunities the restaurant industry is currently facing.

Thus, the workshop represents a forum where the experts from all over the world, especially focused on Europe, will discuss the latest news, advancements, and breakthroughs in the restaurant sector, promoting the identification of key emerging challenges and opportunities in research, development, and industry applications.

As a key element of the project, the workshop will take place in a typical Lyon restaurant, an authentic ‘bouchon Lyonnais’ where participants and experts can share their knowledge and expertise in a warm and welcoming way. Simply comfortable and pleasant as we feel in such a restaurant while RESTwithEU is cooking the restaurant future in Europe.

From 9 a.m. to 15 p.m. attendees will therefore get to know more about the fist results and progress of the first RESTwithEU work package, ‘Mapping of Existing Tools and Gap Analysis’. Thereby, through various dynamics, the reality and demands of the sector will be explored in depth and will conclude, as could not be otherwise, seated at the table tasting the traditional and renowned Lyon dishes.


Mapping of Existing Tools and Gap Analysis of the restaurant sector

In this first phase of the RESTwithEU project an understanding of the macroeconomic approach will serve as the foundation for a broader framework of study to contextualise the restaurant sector in relation to a number of key drivers and sectoral challenges. Related to this, the changing socio-economic context in recent years and the accelerated change in technological and digital dynamics are a key framework to consider in terms of productivity and the ability to resist unexpected events.

Above all, some insights that need to be addressed are not only the accelerating pace of transformation, but consequently the uncertainty that is becoming the norm and needs to be learned to deal with. It is also imperative to improve the technological readiness of companies in the restaurant sector due to its lack of digitalisation, as well as to improve its productivity, competitiveness, resilience and sustainability.


Lyon: The International City of Gastronomy

Lyon is known as the International City of Gastronomy due to its long and chronicled culinary tradition. Renowned 3-star Michelin chefs such as Marie Bourgeois and Eugénie Brazier developed Lyonnaise cuisine into a national phenomenon and this tradition was later turned into a worldwide success by Paul Bocuse. For this reason, renowned gastronomic critics call it ‘the gastronomic capital of the world’.

Undoubtedly, gastronomy is one of the sectors of excellence of Lyon and through this art, Lyon traditionally expresses its warmth. In this sense, the traditional Lyonnais restaurants dating back to the 16th century are called ‘bouchons’ and their excellence finds its historical foundations in the quality of the products of the surrounding terroirs.

We have therefore decided to pay tribute to this type of restaurant by holding the RESTwithEU event on a labelled Lyonnais bouchon.

Additionally, stakeholders will have the opportunity to attend SIRHA Lyon, The World Hospitality & Food Service Event, which occurs every two years in Lyon. This time, SIRHA 2023 will commemorate its 40th anniversary with over 149 000 food industry professionals that will be gathering at Lyon’s Eurexpo venue for four days of food tastings, competitions, seminars and networking.


Looking forward to the validation of RESTwithEU first results!